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Phone Flip

In the past couple of years I have been steadily getting to grips with C4D, and after having used it in a few client projects, I have gained enough confidence to start making more things in my own time to up my skills. This project was something I wanted to model, animate and texture from scratch.

I hard surface modeled the phone with an aim to keep the geometry as clean as possible, separating elements such as the buttons and screen in order to texture them differently to the frame. 


As an animation render I needed to optimise the materials and scene to keep the time down. The biggest step was baking in the studio and lights, although I did keep one rim light to highlight the edges of the phones.

I took the final render (which I got down to 8 seconds a frame) into AE for grading and adding a few light effects and cutting between two cameras. I was happy with the final result and am excited to move forward and improve.

Pre Phone Movie 01 (0-00-02-06).jpg
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