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have a look into my process and see how
these animations have come to life
DSCR Desk Shot 01.png

Digital Records

for Motion Manor

Adding 3D touches to a character animation to help drive the story and bring the message home.

Lantern Girl


A clothed, human character that I designed, modeled, textured, rigged and animated.

Kid Model CU 01_00002.png
Phone Still 01.png

Phone Flip


A demonstration in using C4D and Octane Render

together to produce a lush but stylised 3D look.

Regent St Xmas

for Studio La Plage

A series of 12 looping animations to promote

a seasonal competition for luxury brands on Regent Street.

TCS Mulberry 02 (0-00-08-23).jpg
Koi_Fish_03_JD (0-00-02-17).png

Koi Fish


Another project in C4D and Octane to test out my rigging skills

Turtle Boat


I wanted to animate something dreamy with a match cut, and this is what I came up with

MAIN Turtle Boat 01 (0-00-03-19).png
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