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This is bat country

With an imaginary torch under my chin I'd love to frighten you with tales of woeful clients and doomed projects, awkward networking encounters and the dreaded artists block...

But that would be a big lie, as actually since I last sat down to make an update I've been having an absolutely lovely time. We'll start with the social bit, as I went to my first networking event for aaaaaages in August, and it was bloody lovely. After new parenthood and Covid and everything else, it was nice to sit with a bunch of other animators and people in the industry and talk shop and not shop and begin to feel like part of a community again. I think next year will be the year I get myself to at least 1 or 2 festivals again, all being well.

Clients wise I've been busy working with both old and new clients, on some really nice projects that as usual it's a shame I can't share any snapshots of (for now). I did get to do a pretty big storyboard, 160+ frames (when my average board runs to more like 30ish). I might be able to share that one day but for now have a quick frame I did of a very seasonally spooky raven...

Personal projects wise? Well after blitzing through a load over the summer I've given myself a bit of a break to do things like watch Netflix and bum around the house a bit. I read something recently about how nature only works half the year and shuts down for winter, so I thought that was a good excuse to slow down a bit too.

However, remember in my last post I said I was listening to the She Drew That podcast and was kind of inspired to do something like a short film? Well, I'm not gunna say anymore because it's in very early stages, but I'll put it down here that there IS a collaboration in the works, which makes my heart super happy.

My plans for Autumn into Winter are to be busy with work and to attend a couple more socials, train strikes and diary permitting! AND to keep on posting regularly on LinkedIn, as it seems to be the one social network left that isn't holding a gun to your head and screaming at you to make reels every day.

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