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Regent St Xmas

I was approached to make a series of looping animations for social media, showcasing a set of luxury prizes in the run up to Christmas.

They needed to be completed in about half a day each so we settled on a low frame rate and a sweet, hand drawn style with lots of texture.

I did a couple of initial drawings and test animations to have the client approve style wise, and then discussed colour palettes and finalised which brands would be showcased.

Each brand then went through 1-3 storyboard passes to check that everyone was happy with the content and the action. For example here we started with a looping fall of beauty products, but the brand wanted to showcase the process of having an assistant show the products to customers and allow them to sample and make their own combinations.

I then produced the final animation, which was presented in two formats (1:1 for timeline and 9:16 for stories). The client was really happy with the end product, the competition went well and everything was delivered in time for Christmas!

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