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June is my BIRTHDAY month (it was a couple weeks ago, I was on holiday in the forest, it was lovely thanks!). So I couldn't let the month go by without slipping in a little update post and letting everyone know about the BEST month of the year.

Gemini by Willem Blaeu, 1602
Gemini by Willem Blaeu, 1602 (l am less cherubic than this)

The astrological among you will notice that my birthday makes me a Gemini, which is supposedly the sign of communication, change and spinning multiple plates at all times. I won't go into why it's slightly off (I am naturally introverted so get a bit overwhelmed at social events.. but I do love an in-depth chat on a spicy subject!).

The multiple plate spinning is 100% true (again, pretty sure that's a lot of people these days.... but let's run with it!). And unfortunately I've had to drop a few balls to keep the important ones going. In-between working and mum-ing and the like I have not really been keeping up on my social media or side projects.

I am of course always grateful to be busy with work, freelancing is a stressful existence sometimes and having enough work that at least the financial side is not a worry is a big relief.

It's very true though that with freelancing the work you put in now is the job you get in 6 months time, so I know I need to make the most of a bit of free time I have to get that plate going again (or, throw that ball up again?).

Things I'd like to get done include a few BTS/making-ofs, including some from a lovely project I animated for Motion Manor a couple of months ago.

A screenshot of a hand being animated in After Effects
This hand was painstakingly animated by... hand

They gave me the creative freedom to put a bit more love into some sequences, so I'll get with making those ASAP and sharing my process with you.

I am still working on trying to get this short film up and kicking, the script needs a little tweaking and we are still seeking out the right kind of funding avenues for us. I've really enjoyed having someone to work on it together with though, I think often when you start a short-film on your own you have no one to be accountable to, and then just let it slide, leaving it relegated to a dusty folder somewhere in a dark corner of your PC.

Besides that I also need to start doing some EXERCISE again because, being another year older, I am very aware that this is the age to build fitness and then try to keep it. My posture is atrocious and whilst I love the work I do, I know that getting back/shoulder problems from being at my desk all day is not the way to keep on doing it.

So that being said, I'll wrap this blog up and go for a walk!

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