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What's this? What's THIS?

...a blog post! I totally missed doing an Autumn one because... I am not good at this. But I'm getting better! Really I'm impressed with myself that I only missed 1 out of 4, next year I'll try for a full house!

I'm gunna keep this snappy as it's now in the run-up to the craziest time of the year, I'm finally finished with work and I have a self-imposed list of things to get done.

My ticket to animation land

On the animation front, I went to Manchester Animation Festival in November and had a lovely time. I met some great people and attended some fabulous screenings, panels and workshops. It's always a bit intimidating going to things like this on your own, but it does force you to talk to new people and step outside of your comfort zone. Did I sometimes feel a bit like an awkward piece of furniture in a pom pom hat? Yes I did, but turns out that was fine and nobody minded.

MAFter Dark screening

One of the things I really enjoyed was the MAFter Dark screening/social, where we saw a few short films and then a 15/20 min interval to have drinks and talk with other people until another set came on. Then there was an informal beer mat vote for the favourite (my pick didn't win... but definitely check out 'The photo that came to life at night' if you can find it online!).

I also loved taking the character design workshop, I learnt a LOT and picked up some great book recommendations that have gone on my Christmas list.

Workwise I did a bunch of nice projects for a few studios, a real wide range of styles and techniques which definitely keeps me on my toes. Not so much 3D stuff, which makes me feel like I should try and spend a few hours at least in the next week reminding myself how to C4D.

Otherwise, I am looking forward to a break, having some family over to visit for the holidays and spending time away from my PC. I won't say 'screens' because we all know that's a lie, especially with so many Christmas films to watch!

I hope your Christmas and New Year break is cosy, relaxing and full of all the things you want it to be. x

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