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Updated: Mar 6

The start of the year is famously slow for freelancers. Budgets haven't been set, people are warming back up from 2 weeks off, and someone needs to decide what it is they want to make and who they want to make it.

Considering last year I was lucky enough to be very busy, having a quiet start to this one has been something I'm attempting to lean into. Looking back at my blog from this time last year, it was vaguely the same and look what a year it turned out to be!

I have had a few projects; another cracker from Motion Manor (see below), a few lyric teasers for a band, and some 3D work which I always find very exciting and rewarding. Hopefully even more so when I upgrade my PC in the near future... which should cope much better than my current workhorse, which is a little overdue being put out to pasture.

Community wise, in Feb I was invited to join a rather lovely group specifically made up of vegan animators. They posted an awesome clip on LinkedIn of their 'vegan origin stories', which I commented on, and I was then delighted to join their Discord for involvement in future projects. It's so nice to join a community that intersects on different fronts, and especially one that's so full of kind and talented people.

So, however your 2024 has started, I hope that it's brought something good or useful to you, in whatever form that may be.

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