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March On

It's the first of March, and I didn't do a post either just before New Year or just after it... oops!

And, honestly, whilst January was sort of quiet I also had a few different projects that were on and off, and I spent the in between times planning how I wanted the rest of my year to look and the kind of personal work I wanted to get in motion (literally and figuratively).

I also got the opportunity to collaborate with the talented Casey Lipka again, and made a couple of teaser animations for 2 songs off her new album. You can check out the first one below!

February saw the start of the work actually beginning to ramp up, with a couple of really fun projects in the storyboard/style frame stages (I'm expecting them both to be NDA and not share-able but... such is life!). It's always nice to collaborate with long-time clients and get to make something that we're both really excited about.

I've also signed up to a new agency, met some new clients and been added to their freelance rosters, and through all of this just been getting to talk to some wonderful people and hearing all about how their businesses work and what sort of stuff they're looking for. Which is all very exciting for someone who spends most of her days sat tucked away in her little cupboard office, pushing pixels around and sometimes scuttling out into the kitchen for a snack.

That's it for this update, I'm going to try and make the next one in late May (just before I go away on my holidays...). In the mean time, here's hoping to Spring making it's sun and warmth known soon and to us all being busy with fun projects!

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