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New site, who dis?

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

It's been a long while, but I finally updated my site and my showreel.

New site

There's been a lot going on since I last decided I needed to actually get round to putting something a bit more updated online. I went on maternity leave from late 2019 for a year, and in the interim a pandemic decided to rudely muscle in on my mat leave and subsequent return to work. I was lucky enough to have lovely clients to pick up work with again, and whilst working on a project a colleague said to me 'well it's usually a good sign if you're too busy to update your reel'.

Which might be true (and was very kind to say), but in my case I suddenly had some downtime coming up and there was no excuse to start doing something about my practically antique site and reel.

New showreel

An issue a few of you might be familiar with is having a lot of work that is under NDAs, so it's a big no-no to go sticking it anywhere on your reel or site. Which is a shame, because I've done a lot of lovely work that I'd like to hold up from the rooftops.

Another thing I've been eager to do is showcase a lot of new skills and styles I'd love to get more mileage from, so I've been dragging myself away from Netflix to complete some small personal projects to fatten out my reel with.

Same old, same old

Lots of things have changed, but lots of things are the same. You can still contact me on the same email and phone number, I still live in the UK, and I'm still always happy to hear from clients old and new about anything you'd like me to be involved with, so drop me a line. And if you haven't got anything right now, that's cool, you can always drop in here occasionally and find out about any adventures I've been up to (animation or otherwise!).

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