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Reely finally here!

If I'm honest, I'm not even sure if I was going to get here... but I had a word with myself and finally here we are. New showreel is actually, actually uploaded.

Some notes about it... it is, I would say, about 90% personal work. I have been very blessed with my career so far, I have been busy and done lots of enjoyable projects with some lovely people. I very much want for that to continue!

But I also would like to diversify my projects and client base, and they say that you'll get the kind of work you put in your reel... so that's what I've tried to do. It's not been easy, and sometimes the overwhelming amount of ideas I had to try and execute boiled down to how quickly I could do them, how sure I was that they would be reel-worthy and whether they would be showing people different things about my skillset.

Inevitably I spent time on some things that didn't go in, which felt painful when time is at a premium these days... but I wanted to give it my best shot.

Saying that my goal is to be a bit more regular updating my reel (the last one I put together was in 2017 which is just ridiculous). So even though I've drawn a line through this one, I hope that a combination of 'real' work and continued personal improvement will see me putting out a fresh new update in 12 months time (you can point me back here when I have done nothing of the sort and shame me into it).

I've been listening to the She Drew That podcast and the initial episodes are talking about getting funding for short films... which sounds so dreamy, and something we used to aim for/talk about back in the hazy days of university. Listening to someone who's actually done it makes it feel a bit more achievable, and after making all the snippets for the showreel, it's tantalising to start putting my spare time into a bigger, longer project.

Maybe not right now though... let's just soak in this small achievement!

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