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Summer Update

I hope everyone has enjoyed the reasonable spells of warmth we've had here in the UK, interspersed with a few more predictable grey days!

First order of business is to say that I'm out of office next week (27th June - 1st July), nowhere particularly glamorous but it is a well needed family getaway for us. I (probably) won't respond to emails, unless you have something particularly exciting for me!

As you can see there is still no showreel... I have been busy and whilst it's coming along a little bit it's not ready to go out into the world yet. Sometimes summer can be a little bit of a quiet time as people are away and therefore projects go on hold, so my plan is to make the most of those and get it up and ready to view.

I did some exciting pitch work recently using the program EB Synth, which takes a number of roto'd keyframes that you give it and then applies it over the footage with an algorithm. Some of the results are lovely...

And some of the results will haunt your nightmares...

So that was interesting to get used to the quirks of. I might put up a project snippet on the work section of my site if I get the time. It's a free program, so I highly suggest you have a play around with it if that's your thing! It's certainly no 'Finding Vincent' but a lot cheaper than hiring 100s of oil painters.

That's about it for now!

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